Welcome Kyles and Naruto runners! Join us this week as we discuss the pros and cons of Anime & Manga, followed by a special Area 51 discussion fea...View Details

The Shogunate gives their final rankings for the Spring season and breaks down all of the premiere episodes for Summer season. 

Another week anoth...View Details

TIERS | Breakfast Cereal

Welcome to our new uncencored podcast where we tier everything imaginable. This week we are covering breakfast cereal. Let us know what we got right a...View Details

The squad reviews their Show N Tell assignments:Zankyou no Terror, Kyousou Giga, Inuyashiki, and Baccano! and new assigments are handed out. what will...View Details

You feel that heat? That means Summer is near and it's time for the crew to break down what's hot and what's not for the upcoming anime season. Anothe...View Details

Unpopular Anime Opinions

The squad reveals some of their unpopular anime opinions. Listen in to see if you agree with these spicy takes! Another week another podcast because w...View Details

Holy Grail Wars

Join us as the squad puts their spin on the Holy Grail War. Another week another podcast because we really do this anime $#!t! If you have any recomme...View Details

What happens when the squad teams up with comedian Lisa Wallen to take on the 30 day anime challenge? Laughs on top of laughs! Another week another po...View Details

The squad reveals their picks for the mid-season anime awards and get their new assignments for Show & Tell. Another week another podcast because ...View Details

The crew of Matty, dinopillow, Latt, and Ashtastic review the recommended Show & Tell shows and decide their fate in different anime universes. An...View Details

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