In the first half of this week's episode Latt and Matt discuss their favorite Anime fights of all time and reveal which fights didn't live up to their...View Details

Matt and Latt critique Crunchyroll's Anime Awards and preview Rogue Shogunate's upcoming Third Season! If you have any recommendation or questions yo...View Details

  Join us for week 8 as we discuss the epic battle between Meliodas and the Ten Commandments, Megalonia Madness,and Zero Two's Origin reveal.  If y...View Details

  Join us this week as we discuss Escanor's power, Gearless Joe's potential comeback, and if Darling in the FranXX can keep up with the Juggernauts o...View Details

Week 6 of the Spring 2018 Season of Anime means our long awaited mid-season rankings episode has arrived! Tune in as we rank the top five anime of the...View Details

After a week off we are returning with the third episode of the Spring 2018 Anime Season. This week we discuss Midoriya's breakthough, Megalo Box's ...View Details

Join us for the second episode of the Spring 2018 Anime Season. This week we talk about how Ban's new power has him stealing hearts, why Ichigo is br...View Details

It's Time! Join us for the first episode of the Spring 2018 Anime Season. This week we talk about how Megalo Box set the bar high, Hiro and Zero Two's...View Details

Join us in the Finale of our first season as we break down what shows exceeded expectatioins, how others left us wanting more, and preview the new for...View Details

In week 11 of the show, we hit all of the classic segments, discuss how Meliodas beat the Vibranium out of Galand, and review Killing Bites for one of...View Details

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