Valentines Day Special

Love is in the air with this one! Join Ahsen, dinopillow, Latt and Matty and they delve into the romance Anime, anime with romance elements, favorite ...View Details

Ahsen and Latt give their review on Crunchyroll's 2020 Anime Awards. Join the duo as they judge everything from the hosts to the AOTY selection. Anoth...View Details

“Neon Jelly Van”

With all the live action anime adaptions in developement, you know the squad had to give their take. Join Ahsen, dinopillow, Latt and Matty and they d...View Details


The crew has gotten their last infinity stone back and they are ready to snap! Join the squad as they reveal their favorite anime in terms of plot, ca...View Details

It's that time of the year again! Crunchyroll has dropped their official nominations for the 2020 Anime Awards. Join Latt and Ahsen as they reveal the...View Details

Join Rogue for thefor the Winter 2020 preview where we are previewing what shows the Winter season of anime will be bringing us. We hit on Haikyuu!! S...View Details

WatchMojo put out a video featuring their top 20 anime of the decade and you know the crew would have to share their thoughts. Join us as we go over w...View Details

Merry Christmas! To celebrate, join us as we take a look at the crews very first podcast (Xp podcast: Pokemon Anniversary). We've come a long way sinc...View Details

Fall 2019 Season Review

Christmas is a comin' so that means fall is on its way out.  Join Rogue for the Fall 2019 Season Review where we are reviewing everything that we've w...View Details

TIERS | Anime Studios

Join the crew as they tier the top 25 anime studios. Let us know what we got right and completely missed.

Make a tier list of your own and send it ...View Details

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