Join Rogue for thefor the Winter 2020 preview where we are previewing what shows the Winter season of anime will be bringing us. We hit on Haikyuu!! S...View Details

WatchMojo put out a video featuring their top 20 anime of the decade and you know the crew would have to share their thoughts. Join us as we go over w...View Details

Merry Christmas! To celebrate, join us as we take a look at the crews very first podcast (Xp podcast: Pokemon Anniversary). We've come a long way sinc...View Details

Fall 2019 Season Review

Christmas is a comin' so that means fall is on its way out.  Join Rogue for the Fall 2019 Season Review where we are reviewing everything that we've w...View Details

TIERS | Anime Studios

Join the crew as they tier the top 25 anime studios. Let us know what we got right and completely missed.

Make a tier list of your own and send it ...View Details

Happy Halloween! To celebrate, Matt digs deep in his bag of tricks to bring you his top five horror anime of all time and the crew goes crazy with the...View Details

Summer 2019 Recap

Fall season is here and delivering the goods but what did the squad think about the summer season? Join us as we give our final thoughts on Demon Slay...View Details

The leaves are falling and but the temperature isn't the only thing getting cooler. Join Rogue for the first episode of Season Five where we are previ...View Details

The squad sits with professional mixed matrial artist J.P. "Toomuch" Saint Loius to TIER some Naruto Fights.  Let us know what we got right and compl...View Details

2019 is coming to a close and that means ther's no better time to start putting together our nominations for the Decade's Anime Awards! Another week a...View Details

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